7th Pre AP Math

Ms. Malouf

Conference Period: 1st Period 7:50-8:40

Need more help?!?!

Use a QR scanner app on your smartphone to scan the code and it will take you directly to a webpage of videos on the exact lesson being taught! This will be on the homework assignments and will be great if you are absent, struggling or just wanting to look over the lesson. Try it now!

Grading Policy

All of the 7th Grade Math teachers use the same grading system.

Assignments - 45%

Assessments - 55%

Students will have homework every Monday through Thursday, and they will be responsible for completing it and bringing it back ready to grade the next day. If they do not bring it back completed, it will be subject to the late work policy listed.

One day late: -10 points, Two days: -20 points, Three days: -30 points, Four days or more: -50 points.

Corrections will be allowed for assignments as well as assessments.

*For assignments: students will have 48 hours to correct any assignment below a 70 once assignments have been returned back to students after initial grading. Correction points will be awarded based on the scope of the assignment.

*For assessments: students will have 48 hours to correct any assessment once it is returned after initial grading.
Corrections will only be accepted on the "Let's fix it" paper. They will receive this paper in class.

My Contact Information


806-796-0076 ext 224

SUPPLIES for math: Composition notebook, pencils, red pen, twin pocket folder, hand sanitizer, kleenex, a bottle of glue **earbuds and a stylus once iPads come in**

Want to know what's going on in your student's Math class???

To receive important class information about upcoming assignments, progress reports, or tests then text the message @Malouf7 (be sure to include @) to the number 23559. Create your username using your student's name (ex: johnjones). If you want to receive these alerts on more than one phone (from a parent's and student's) then you would add a number at the end, such as johnjones2. It is important you use your student's name so that I know who is contacting me and who I am contacting.