My Family

By: Timber Svendsen\Bradshaw

My Mom's Side

First it is my great grandma and grandpa Bud and Ruth they are the parents of my grandma Dawn which is my mom's mom and my two aunts Vicky and Amber. Vicky's kids are Torri, Trey, Maddie, Morgan and Ivy. Amber's Kids are Ashlyn, Farrah and Peyton. Now after my mom is me Timber then Tobie and finally Elioitt. It goes the same way for my grandpa Terry but his mom and dad are Merrilin and Merill.

My Dad's Side

First is my grandma Serita and her husband Tom. There two kids are Kassie and Critter. But my Grandma had two other kids named Nolan and Charlie. Charlie is my dad he had me Timber and my sister Jedah. Nolen also has a little girl but I have never met her so I don't know her name. But Critter or Kassie haven't had kids yet.

My Step Dad's Side

First is my grandma Lori and Doug. They are the parents of my step dad Jeremy who married my mom. His sisters and brothers are Trent and Abby. Trent has a little girl Leah and a little one on the way. Abby hasn't had any kids yet.

This Is My Family!!!