Chemicals in Society

Local & Global Impacts of Chemicals

Your next assignment

Chemicals are everywhere around us. Most people connect chemicals with bad synthetic things but don't forget that they were made to serve a purpose. Chemicals are also naturally occurring substances that can have good and bad effects depending on the situation.


Click on the link below to access a padlet where you can brainstorm all the roles chemicals play in society. Think outside the box, be creative. We will collate and group according to theme later.
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Local & Global Impacts of Chemicals

Your job is to choose a broad theme (role of chemicals) to focus your project on and address the following things:

  • What is the purpose of the chemical? What role does it play? (This is your application of science section)
  • Discuss the implications and limitations of the chemical.
  • Discuss the different perspectives that come into play (e.g. health, social, environmental, economic, etc.)

Create a project of your choice to effectively present this information.

Be creative, play to your strengths, choose something you're interested in. The final product is up to you!

This brings us to our next unit: Ecology

Clearly chemicals play a role in the environment. You will use your chemical topic as an inquiry into effects on ecosystems. More on this later....