O Christmas Top


This top is available for purchase now!

All you have to do is put the price you are willing to pay for this amazing top, and we will pick the highest bid! Not only do you get an amazing Christmas-y gift to give your family, but the money goes to a charity! Doesn't it feel good to give back so you can share the joy with everyone?

How does the bidding process work?

Our starting price is $5.00. You will then put the price you are willing to pay in the box, and we will pick the highest bid.

"O Christmas Top"

To activate this top, you wrap the sting around the stick, and pull the block and string. Watch as the top comes spinning to life!

About us...

Our names are Alex and Avnee. We are in Mrs. Britt's 8th grade STEM class. Our project was to build a top from a kit and make it unique with our own styles. We decided to make it Christmas themed because since it's so close to the holidays, and this is a perfect gift to give to your family!