War Of 1812

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War Of 1812 (picked Rebellion in the 13 colonies, Fraser Gold Rush, The Great Migration)

It was a significant event in Canada, because British Declared war on France. It left a lot of people unemployed. This is because during the war, peoples jobs were to provide ammunition, food, water, medical needs, etc. The war also caused people to die, whether they are allied with the France or Britain. After the war some people were far away from their home country. The war also leaded to a treaty that ended the war. The treaty was signed by a British and an American. The treaty was called the ''Treaty Of Ghent''. The War of 1812 ended on December 24, 1814.

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People part of the war.

Although Britain declared war, Ireland and The United States was also part of the war. Although Ireland didn't want to be part of the war. Britain sort of invaded their land to use for a staging area. A staging area is where something or someone refuels their supplies. Which also includes Rest, and energy.

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Other Significant Events: Rebellion In The 13 Colonies. There was a uproar in the 13 colonies since the transportation is so bad, that most family members lose most of their relatives on the boat.

Fraser Gold Rush: The Fraser gold rush is an event when people became psychopaths after some miners discovered gold in a river named Fraser. They killed each other just for Gold.

The Great Migration: The great migration was a huge event for Britain. Britain shipped over many people to go to Canada! But sadly most people died on the boat. Due to the lack of hospitality. The boats sometimes runs out of food or water, which caused lots of casualties.


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Why did America want to be Independent? Because they were tired of Britain bossing them around and not giving them the proper treatment.