About Drama

Drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience.The earliest known plays were written around the fifth century B.C.

Tragedy is a play that ends unhappily.most greek tragediesdeal with serious, universal themes, such asright and wrong, justice and injustice, and life and death.

Comedy isa play that ends happily. THe main characters could be anyone.In most cases it deals with a wedding.

-MODERN COMIDIES: The genders in this romantic plot are sometimes revised.

Modern Play can be a tragedy, comedy, or a combination of both. It usually focuses onpersonal issues, and is about ordinary people.

Performance of a Play THEATRE ARTISTS: Actors, directors, stagecrew, and lightning technicians.

Stages can have many different sizes, and layouts.Some differenty layouts are thrust stage, in the round stage, procsenium stage.

Scene Design transformes a bare stage into a world of play. Scene design consists of sets, lightning, costumes, and props.