Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

Nov. 16-20

What we are learning this week.

Math – We will continue learning about fractions this week with our focus on fractions as sets and using fractions as comparisons in problem situations. Ask your child to find fractions in the real world such as cutting their sandwich or pizza into equal parts.

Reading- We will be learning about cause and effect events in the text we read. We will also learn about identifying and writing the main idea of stories. Ask your child to talk to you about cause and effect events as well as the main idea of the book they are reading each night. This is a great opportunity for you to talk to your child about their nightly reading.

Science- We will be learning about how soil changes with weathering, erosion, and deposition. Ask your child if there has been any erosion or deposition in the yard or garden after our rains. If so, locate the area and talk about the changes in the yard or garden.

Social Studies- We will be learning about the three levels of government: local, state, and national. Ask your child for the title and name of each leader of the three levels of government.

Writing- Expository: All students are completing and turning in their expository writing. We also have an expository district sample to complete in one sitting. Then students will work on expository pieces with Thanksgiving as the theme: Things I am thankful for, Directions for cooking a turkey, Persuade the farmer not to make you (the turkey) the main dish on Thanksgiving. Ask your child: What have you finished this week and what are you working on next?

Important Information:

Parents and students are not allowed to return to classrooms after 2:40pm unless they are escorted by their teacher. Teachers have confidential information about students in their room and this is protect the privacy of all students.

Important Dates:

Nov. 17 – Thanksgiving lunch/spelling test

Nov. 20 – Planetarium at Sommer

Nov. 23 – 27 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 1 – Author visit

Dec. 10- The Nutcracker field trip

Dec. 18 – Jan. 4 – Winter Break

Jan. 5 – First day back to school

Our Class Wishlist

-Big pink erasers

-Notebook paper

-AA batteries

  • -Monopoly
  • -Checkers/Chess
  • -Legos
    -Clorox wipes