Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war started in 1955 and ended in 1975 it started because Vietnam and Viet-Cong were in a war about the communist rule

Major Events

  • At the end of the war Nixon the President of the United States Resigned because of WaterGate.
  • Before Nixon resigned, he threatened to drop an atomic bomb on Nagasaku Vietnam.
  • The North Vietnam accepted the Paris peace talk so we didn't bomb them.
  • We lost the supplies to support the South Vietnam


Helicopters,Gas,Traps and Weapons were all major roles in the way that the war lead they used many weapons to fight with.


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The Truth about the Vietnam War

Who Won and How

The North Vietnam won because the USA didn't have enough supplies to help the South Vietnam in order for them to stay in the war to fight the Viet Cong for the rule.