Friday morning coffee!


Our weather in Pennsylvania will be hitting the 70s this weekend! Yes! This weekend marks the insane start to 2 VERY busy weeks for me including 5 trunk shows, 2 birthday parties for my twins, Easter celebrations with family and watching our friends' children this weekend. Busy!

I am going to take this busy calendar in stride, focus on my important tasks each day and not forget to stop and smell the roses! It's amazing how sometimes the simple things in life can give you an adrenaline rush! Hence I am declaring here that amidst this busy busy time. I am going to take the time to sit on the back porch this weekend and enjoy the bright warm sun!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend ladies!
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Standing ovation for these women:

  • Pamela Meester booked her 3rd show for April and is working to get a 4th show to be entered into Tysh's FOUR $400 shopping sprees! Have you seen Tysh's contest? Check it out here:
  • Gail Cushing is our first team member to earn LEVEL 2 of the Summer Splash incentive! Woo-hoo!
  • There is a quote that goes "All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it!" Well Amanda Franek did just that and followed up a teacher at school for booking her 2nd show ever and did it! Have a blast at your first show tonight too!
  • Another teacher, Patty Cardina has jumped on a band wagon of Spring shows and is already qualified this month too! Congrats girlfriend!
  • Jillian Wells has launched too! Congrats Jillian! You are only half way through your Jump Start and so close to hitting that $1000 mark when the Jump Start freebies kick in!
  • Lassie Pappas just earned her QUICK START BONUS for selling $1000 in her first 30 days. This lovely lady now has earned over $200 in product credit.
  • Erin Giambrone is also how earning Jump Start credit, with more than 2 weeks left to her Jump Start! Can't wait to hear how you are spending your $100!
  • Jeri Bowden is re-lauching her business tonight with her first trunk show of the season! Have fun Jeri!
  • Jennifer LaGrasso had a show last night with 9 guests with over a $1000 in sales! Amazing. These numbers here prove how important it is to get lots of ladies invited so you can increase your chances of getting lots of ladies in the door. Yeah Jen!
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I have been teasing for a few weeks that I would be doing some fun contests and I have been stashing up goodies to raffle to you! Get ready for 3 weeks of flash incentives to carry us through April!

We already have some SWEET contests going on from Home Office with the Summer Splash Incentive and Tysh & the Gemstone Sr Directors for the four $400 shopping sprees. They are all around BOOKINGS! So your fearless leader (lol) Gina is adding some icing on the cake or maybe whipped cream & sprinkles on the sundae!! From today through Thursday April 17th:

  • BOOK a new show for APRIL and get 2 raffles (I just booked one yesterday for Sat 4/26 so YOU TOO can still do it)
  • Book a NEW show for May and get 1 raffle!

The prize: One lucky team member will win the Kimberly necklace in SILVER! This bestseller in gold has been one of my long time faves! Winner will be announced in next week's newsletter!

Email me your NEW booking or POST on our team Facebook page. (Not on our team page, let me know!)

Our team is currently at 62 shows for April and 22 shows for May. How high can we go?!?

See some tips below on how to get those shows booked!
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3 steps to booking shows!

  1. Make your list!
  2. Warm them up!
  3. Call to follow-up!

Here are the warm-up emails that I will be sending this week! (Directly from April's Words to Say doc found in the Buzz)

My warm-up email that I am using today!

Hi Meg!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the warm weather coming our way this weekend! I am reaching to a few gals with some exciting things at Stella & Dot this month. We just launched our Summer 2014 collection (insert link to your PWS) and this month only, we have our Autism Awareness Boutique! Here is the link to the video and amazing products!

How cute are they? All net proceeds go to the HollyRod Foundation that supports families who could otherwise not afford to provide care and services for a child with autism.

I'd love you to be one of my debut Hostesses for the summer collection-- we can earn up your wardrobe with new jewels and accessories and support this amazing cause at the same time!

I'll give you a call in a couple of days to catch up!



(insert a fun S&D image too!)

Follow up the next day or two with these Words to Say with a PHONE CALL. If you get voicemail, leave a message. Remember –hearing “no” sometimes is what success looks like. You’ll warm up & follow up with 10 to book 1. That’s why 2 per day x 5 days for a total of 10 is magic! You’ll book (on average) one incremental Trunk Show weekly.


“Hi April, how are you? So glad to connect! Did you get my email? I’m calling because our new Aztec Coral Switch tote made me think of you! I'd love to throw a Trunk Show for you and your friends in April so you can be one of my debut Hostesses for the summer collection and shop our Autism Awareness Boutique. How fabulous to have your girlfriends over for a fun style session and shop for a cause! It's really simple and fun, and my average Hostess enjoys a FREE shopping spree of $200+ in value and shops at half off. I’ve got a few dates available, dates X and Y, in the next couple of weeks.”

“Yes? Fantastic. It's so easy-I'll just create a save the date/invitation, and you'll get an email with an easy link to login and we'll get invites out this week, easily by Wednesday. The more the merrier, so I can help you brainstorm an invite list and encourage people to bring friends. I'll also pop some Mini Look Books in the mail so you can hand them out on the go. Can I get your address? I'll be in touch via email and text, let's talk soon!”



No problem! I’d love to be your personal Stylist! So, let me know if you have any needs. Can I keep you updated by email? By the way, we have an amazing Style event happening this month near you–I’d love to invite you to see the collection there too and learn some style tips for spring. I’ll send you details!”


“Hi Sam, it’s Gina calling. I’m sorry I missed you. I really enjoyed meeting you at Lina’s Trunk Show last week and I know you’re loving your Fleurette necklace. Lina had so much fun choosing her Hostess Rewards and I wanted to offer the same to you –I know there were more pieces you loved. Give me a call back when you’re able–I’dlove to share more with you! Thanks again!”

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina

Your Leadership Team