Spring GIS Workshops

Want to learn more GIS skills outside of the classroom?

Come to the Spring GIS Workshops hosted by the Geography Association. Whether you have never taken a GIS class or you are an experienced GIS minor, these student-led workshops will showcase new GIS skills and techniques that will supplement your learning and introduce you to different GIS tools! See our course offerings below!

Workshop Schedule

All workshops are hosted on TUESDAY in Public Affairs 2035H from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.

  • Week 3: Tuesday, April 15th- (Easy/Intermediate)

TOPIC: Data Mining FOR FREE, Creating Data & Cleaning Data w/ Andy Liang

  • Week 4: Tuesday, April 22nd- (Easy)

TOPIC: Put your Geotagged photos on the MAP! w/ Breeanna Bergeron-Matsumoto

  • Week 5: Tuesday, April 29th- (Advanced)

TOPIC: Cartographic Design Tips to Make Your Maps Snazzy w/ Oliwia Baney

  • Week 6: Tuesday, May 6th- (Intermediate)

TOPIC: Environmental GIS Part 1 w/ Airalee Rivera

  • Week 7: Tuesday, May 13th- (Advanced)

TOPIC: Hot Spot Analysis Mapping w/ Breeanna Bergeron-Matsumoto

  • Week 8: Tuesday, May 20th- (Intermediate)

TOPIC: Environmental GIS Part 2 w/ Oliwia Baney

  • Week 9: Tuesday, May 27th- (Easy)

TOPIC: Census Data and Showcasing Demographic Information