What is the internet?

The Internet

What is the internet?

The internet is made up of millions of small computer networks all brought together to form the vast "inter network." The WWW (world wide web) is part of the internet, so the complete web is organised as millions of web sites.

Websites and Browsers-

There are many different internet browsers such as firefox, internet explorer and safari these browsers all do the same job- to find a web page delivered from a web server.

Each page has a web address (URL) that starts with http.

Uses of the internet-

The internet is used for many different facilities such as communication. There are many different forms of communication such as -

  • Email
  • Chat rooms
  • Social networking sites eg- facebook
  • Forums

Leisure and entertainment such as gaming, listening to music, watching videos online, watching catch up television on websites such as bbc iplayer and reading or listening to books online. The internet is also very useful for shopping online, this is handy for people with disabilities who may struggle leaving the home. However with the internet there are also many issues such as-

  • Information being false or inaccurate.
  • Information being biased
  • There can be lots of offensive material published to young children.