Self Check-out

Check out your own books!

Before you check out-

1) Make sure that you have checked in your books (Mrs. Ivens has to do this!).

2) 4-6 grades- you are allowed to check out 2 books- if you already have one checked out, this means that you may check 1 out.

3) 7-12 grades- you are allowed to check out 3 books total- you may check out if you have others checked out.

4) If you have overdue books, the system will not let you check out- see Mrs. Ivens.

To check out-

1) Find your grade's stack of bar codes in the wooden drawer.

2) Find your bar code, and scan it, or type in your bar code number.

3) Scan the MCS bar code at the top of the back of the book.

4) Put your barcode back in your grade's stack, and put your stack back in the wooden drawer (in order, please!).

5) Have a fantastic day!

Please see Mrs. Ivens if you have questions!