New England Patriots

By: Ethan Prince and Desmond Reusch

Where They Play

They play in Foxbourgh, Massachusetts

At Gillette Stadium

This location gives them an advantage in the cold when playing late in the season.

The Uniform

The uniform is a navy blue jersey for home games and a silver jersey for away games. They wear white pants with a red an blue stripe down the middle. Their helmet is silver with their logo on each side.


These are three of the most succseful coaches in the history of the Patriots.


This is Pat Patriot. He originated on the pats old uniforms but as they grew newer he became the face of the Patriots.
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Legends Of The Past

The Pats have had some of the best NFL players in the league including, QB Drew Bledsoe, DB Ty Law, K Adam Vinateri, WR Randy Moss, WR Deion Branch, and LB Teddy Bruschi

Stars of Today

The pats have a great lineup currently aswell, they include QB Tom Brady, TE Rob Gronkowski, K Steven Gostowski, WR Jullian Edelman, LS Joe Cardona, S Devin Mccourty, WR Danny Amendola, CB Malcolm Butler, and DE Chandler Jones


They've won 8 AFC Championships and won 4 Super Bowls. They have the best record in football they went 16-0 and lost the Super Bowl.