by Cody Squires

Continental Drift/Alfred veagner

Alfred came up with the theory that the Continents were all once conjoined together and that they looked like they fit like a puzzle,but every one thought he was crazy or didn't believe him. but after his death there was some evidence that was found when he died like,there were simmiler rock layers on different continents and the same fresh water fish was found on different continents

My statement for continental drift

i think that it kinda makes since that they may have found some evidence that might convince other people but i think that they should try to find some new evidence

to support the theory that the continents may have one been conjoined together.!!

-Cody Squires

Another Theory!!!!!!

Harry Hess/Seafloor Spreading

harry came up with the idea that the seafloor was moving apart from each other and creating massive earthquakes and tsunamis

My statement for Seafloor spreading =)

i don't really know that much about this subject except that he thinks that the

seafloor is moving away from each other