George Cowin

Is A Burglar So They Say

George Corwin is the high sheriff. In 1692, Salem Village, Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials George Corwin is signing people to their death.
George Corwin would sign death warrants for people who were accused of being witches/wizards that Reverend Parris had accused. After he signed the death warrants people could be crushed by rocks, hanged, or put in jail. Twenty people died during this and over 200 put in jail.
When George Corwin signed these death warrants he knew that he would get some of the property But that didn't stop him from stealing things. Some of the things he stole are wedding rings, food, horses, and/or land. He said these things were for charity but the government did not see any of it.
George Corwin has a terrible impact in the Salem witch trials. Here is a quote from George cowin "I wanted more land, food, animals, and money for my family." George cowin had a terrible impact on many lives.