Mar marchen awakens romance



The story is about Ginta a second-year middle school student that has dreams about a Kingdom ,where he dreams that he is a hero and he saves the world and the princess that is his best friend.

The story starts when a mysterious door appears and Ginta decides to open the door and is transported to Mar Kingdom where he has to fight vs. the chess pieces .


  • Ginta (Prota)
  • Snow (Princess of Lestava)
  • Alan (Warrrior)
  • Jack (Gintas friend ,warrior and farmer)
  • Baboo (A living weapon)
  • Dorothy (Gintas friend , warrior and witch)
  • Eduard (A dog that talks and Snow guardian)
  • Nanashi (Gintas friend, warrior and leader of Liberia)

Character analysis

Trait 1: Fair

Evidence: He decide be a warrior when he see the injustice of chess pieces , they kill people just because they want. He decide fight to protect the people.

Trait2: Family love (Jack)

Evidence:He decide fight the chess pieces with Ginta because they attack his family so he decide fight to protect his land and his mother

Quote from about character:

" I'm not going to leave them the things that they want do "

" I want protect Mar and the people "


He wants to convey values such as companionship ,loyalty and appreciation should be to life.

Important event

When the war vs. the chess pieces start.


I recommended this type of book to the people that like anime,marvel comics and the people who do not judge the book because they have drawings and short dialogues.