It's COMING!!!!

An updated Website

A New Website?!?! Why do we need a new one?

Our old website has a lot of info on it... a LOT ....and much of it was

  1. Hard to Find
  2. Too in depth
  3. Items that could not be easily accessed via mobile device or tablet
  4. A mix of materials selling to new families and resources for our current families.
  5. Pages that were not linked to any data collection

Consequently, we worked to create a site that has info which is:

  1. Easier to find
  2. Concise and on message
  3. Easier to access via the technology of today - mobile and tablet devices
  4. Specifically for the recruitment of new students, teachers, and supporters of RIS (NOTE: Current families have the portals to keep up to date on resources)
  5. Every page is built with Google Analytics so we can see who is using the site, for how long, as well as where and how they are accessing the site.

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Take a Tour of the New VIRTUAL Tour

Check out the virtual tour of campus and be one of the first 3 people to identify the two spaces showcasing two teachers and win a coffee or smoothie of your choice.

RIS's Facebook Page

Make sure you check out the Facebook Page daily and share with friends. If you want to post something about your students or classroom - send it to Neil - Please always include a photo that is student oriented and represents us well.

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When will it launch?

As you look through the website there are a few small details that need to be fixed and/or added in. Some of the items listed below will be fixed before a launch later this week and others will be added on in the next two weeks. If you see a grammatical error please let Neil know instantly. If you feel strongly about something being "left out" please reach out to Neil or Dr. Peter in a personal conversation so we may find a solution to the concern which matches our marketing plans.

Final Updates or Add-ons:

- Admissions Info auto send

- Updated EDP for 2nd Semester

- Updated News Articles

- Properly linked homepage access from Virtual Tour

- A Day in the life video-project of students and staff

- Athletic Achievements

- Alumni-page