Welcome to Spanish 4 AP

Mrs. Winters/ W205

Course Description

Course Description

Spanish 4 provides opportunities for students to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The program is designed to emphasize speaking, writing, listening and reading skills to prepare the student for AP EXAM.

Students will...

  • Speak in the target language on a variety of articles.
  • Respond to questions or statements in a continuous conversation format.
  • Write organized essays.
  • Listen and understand a dialogue or narrative in the target language.
  • Read and understand passages, essays or authentic literature.
  • Know vocabulary and grammar concepts on the AP level.

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom this year to connect and share information. All students joined the group . I suggest that you use your student's log in information to follow our classroom.

Remind for Spanish 4 parents

To join:

send a text to 210-764-5612 with the message @sp4padres

This way you will be able to receive reminders for tests, quizzes or school related items.

Strategies for Success

  • Complete your homework carefully, using your resources, and make appropriate corrections during class. Review your corrections during your nightly review.
  • Ask questions and volunteer. This is your best opportunity to speak Spanish every day! Practice outside of class. Record yourself at home!
  • Spend at least fifteen minutes each night reviewing your class notes and in-class written exercises, your homework corrections, and your vocabulary lists.
  • Use the language every chance you get!

Extra help

7:45-8:05: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

3:35-4:05: Tuesday

On the weeks I have duty in the commons extra help will be available at approximately 3:45.

General Classroom Expectations:

  1. Make every effort, every day to speak only Spanish in the classroom.
  2. Be prepared to participate in class.
  3. Homework and projects are to be completed independent of outside help. The text and student notes are to be used as references. Copying prevents you from learning. Work that is copied or allowed to be copied will receive zeros.
  4. Respect the property of others. Do not take something without permission from the owner. Respect school and classroom property. Put common supplies back where they belong.
  5. Be considerate and respectful to all students and the teacher at all times.
  6. Be on time, be in your seat, and ready to learn. Remain in class for the entire class period.
  7. Backpacks, purses, and bags should be on the floor, zipped up during quizzes and tests. Jackets and sweaters should be placed on the floor not on your lap during tests and quizzes as well.
  8. Follow all rules of MHS.



The nine-week average is determined as follows:

  • 60% Tests / Projects
  • 40% Daily (X 1)/ Quizzes (X 3)

The semester grade is determined as follows:

  • 85% Nine week average
  • 15% Semester exam


Technology has its place in the classroom and can be helpful in learning. In this classroom it can take us around the Spanish speaking world. Sending text messages and playing games are NOT part of the learning process. Technology can be very distracting. You cannot focus on your learning while focusing on your phone or another electronic device. Technology (including cell phones) should not be used during technology time outs. Misuse of technology will be handled following district/ campus policy.

Academic Information:

  • Vocabulary lists and homework will be posted in Google Classroom.
  • Quizzes and tests are announced at the beginning of the unit and posted in Google Classroom.
  • Warm up activities are given on the day we begin the chapter. You should use the vocabulary list to study for it.
  • The majority of homework is checked on the due date in class. If homework is collected, it must be in the basket and finished when the bell rings, or it is late.
  • There are no extra credit projects or assignments in Spanish 4.


Students have access to their Abriendo Paso textbook on-line or as an app on their iPads. The other textbooks are kept in the classroom.