Pinewood Weekly Newsletter

December 4, 2020

Principal's Message - School Community Health and Safety

Dear Falcon Families,

With COVID cases rising, I continue to count on you to screen students each and every day before they come to school. I am very appreciative that you are taking this seriously and choosing to keep your student at home when they exhibit symptoms of illness. Our school nurse is committed to connecting with all families to discuss health concerns and isolation time frames. Anytime a child cannot come to school their teacher will provide work so that they can stay in sync with their class.

Presently, we have had no Pinewood Elementary students with a positive COVID diagnosis. With this said, we do have several students who are currently isolating or who are on a directed quarantine because a member of their household is COVID positive. If you are symptomatic and are awaiting results of a COVID test, I ask that you have your child stay home until you receive these results. If you have a positive case in your household, please notify our school nurse . In addition, if you are ill do not come on campus during the day for school business such as picking up student work or checking your child out early for an appointment. In these instances, please call the school office and we will meet you at your car in the parking lot.

It is important that you know that the El Dorado County Office of Education's Head Start Program that is housed on our campus did have COVID cases right before Thanksgiving Break. Please know that this is a contained program that does not integrate with our student body. Out of an abundance of caution, the Pinewood Head Start preschool program will stay closed until after Winter Break. I want to reiterate that these cases were contained to the preschool building.

As a reminder, all students grades 3 and up must wear a mask at school. In addition, all students who ride the bus must wear a face covering during transport. I strongly encourage students in ALL grades to wear a mask while in the classrooms as we want to keep our students and staff healthy. For our part we will continue to regularly disinfect surfaces, implement hand washing routines, separate grade levels, and encourage social distancing.

Let's continue to work together as we go through the coming weeks.


Kim Little

Upcoming Dates

  • Regular Board Meeting at ET Professional Development Center - December 15th, 6:00pm
  • Spirit Day : Winter Wonderland Wardrobe - Friday, December 18th
  • Winter Break - December 21st - TUESDAY, January 4th