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Your are now a doTERRA member and part of a large network and team! You have likely enrolled with a doTERRA starter kit, will receive them in the mail and then want to open them up to get started. Please know, you are not alone in this journey! You will have questions, so please do not hesitate to contact me or our team. This newsletter will provide you with helpful information and resources. Continue to attend classes too, and please connect on social media.
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Getting Started

The first thing to do is open up an oil or oil blend, put a drop on your hands, take a deep breath and enjoy! We also will be contacting you to schedule a Living doTERRA Wellness Consult soon to help you get a good jumpstart on your journey and make the most of your doTERRA Membership.

Where do I begin?How do I use these oils? For what? There are so many resources! You are not alone on this journey.

You will receive some great literature with your enrollment starter kit. Put the sticker tops on your oils, start diffusing, grab a mug of tea or coffee, and read up a bit! Also doterra.com has fabulous resources right on your own page! Look under Our Company, Our Products and Our Advocates and you will find a variety of information.

doTERRA oils may be used aromatically, topically, and some internally. The side of the bottle, the website and the Product Guide will have information on this. Typically, you will want to use between 1-4 drops of essential oil at one time for your body to metabolize. Start with one or two and move up only if you feel it will increase effectiveness. When used topically, it helps to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil like fractionated Coconut oil.

Natural Solutions Online Class

This class recording is a great refresher! I love Betsy Holmes, and I hope you take a moment to watch this to help you get started.
dōTERRA Natural Solutions Presentation

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All of these teams are connected to our specific Facebook team and team leaders. Ask questions, learn about oils and products, find out about upcoming team and corporate events and learn from home through Facebook live events and webinars!


beOILful Essentials

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Team Pure Healthy Essentials with Erin and Neal Anderson

Social Media sites:

Look for doTERRA International on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!

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And on doterra.com:

I love the doTERRA blogs as well...

doTERRA blog...recipes, DIY, product info and ideas and so much more!

doTERRA Science blog

doTERRA Business blog

What is a doTERRA Wholesale Membership? And what is the difference between a Wholesale Customer and a Wellness Advocate?

As a doTERRA wholesale member, you have your own personal shopping page where you receive 25% off retail prices. To access your Wellness Advocate account / wholesale page, go to doterra.com , log in and type in your new account member number and your password. You should have received your new member number in an email from doTERRA and from the Wellness Advocate that signed you up. Please contact me with any questions on this!

There are now two types of memberships: A Wholesale Customer and a Wellness Advocate. Both memberships receive wholesale prices, option to receive 10-30% of monthly purchases in free product points, no monthly order required and a personal webpage for purchasing. The difference is a Wellness Advocate has the option to earn compensation and bonuses for sharing doTERRA products and for signing up new members. You may upgrade your account without a fee by calling doTERRA at (800)411-8151.

doTERRA Resources:

doTERRA International info on doterra.com is a great start

I also love:

*Modern Essentials, (9th Edition) Text

*Modern Essential App available for your phone

*Essential Life

*Daily Drop App

*Team Social Media Pages

Your team leaders and upline team are great resources!! This is so much more beneficial and fun to do with others!

Big picture
Modern Essentials, 9th Edition

Great overall resource with up to date research and helpful usage!

Oil Resources and Accessories for Oil Usage and Sharing Oils:

Want to find roller balls, containers, cute cases, good diffusers, books and all kinds of oily stuff...Here are some great sites for doTERRA users!

How do I order? A one time order? A monthly order or LRP?

You order by going to doterra.com and entering: your member number and password. Then you have a choice

One Time/ Standard order or Setting up a Loyalty Reward Order or LRP.

Place a One Time or Standard order through your account and receive the 25% off. You will not earn points on this order.

The Loyalty Reward Program is the most affordable way to purchase doTERRA. You may edit the items on your order each month. It is a great way to earn points on your orders. Instead of purchasing my vitamins, shampoo, probiotics, cleaning products, shakes, etc. elsewhere, I know I'm getting great products and points toward free items in the future.

Here's how the LRP works:

  • 1 point volume or PV means you maintain your order
  • 50 PV or more means you earn reward points and increase % of points
  • 100 PV means you may earn commission if you sign up other members or others purchase retail
  • 125 PV means you are eligible to earn the free product of the month if the order is set to process between the 1-15 of the month

Living doTERRA Wellness Consult

After you enroll, plan on hearing from me or my team to help you get started on your journey. Often, people have questions, so we want to help you get off to the best start! The membership overview meeting can be in person, on the phone or via FaceTime to help you get going with your wellness plan. It's also a great way to show you how to navigate ordering, using the products, where to go for information, great resource ideas, and much more!

A favorite of mine: doTERRA Blog

Articles, recipes, do it yourself, info, issues of Living Magazine, and more

This will be a go-to resource for you! I love all the great ideas here!

doTERRA Blog

DIY, Recipes, Product Info and more...

doTERRA Science

I love learning the science behind the products I am using! The doTERRA Science blog is a great place to learn. Check it out!

You're a part of something making a difference: doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation

Find out more about how doTERRA is impacting the world! doTERRA sources many oils from developing nations and supports the people working very hard in places like Nepal, Somalia, Guatemala, Haiti and Bulgaria. The Healing Hands Foundation also supports organizations in the U.S. Find out more by following it on Facebook as well. You may contribute by adding a dollar or more to your monthly LRP order or by purchasing a Healing Hands Rose lotion.

doTERRA Living Magazine

I love this resource. It comes out 4 times a year, but you also may order present and past issues through your wholesale page! It is full of fantastic education, ideas, resources and more! You can take a look at it online as well.
doTERRA Living Magazine Online

Find the current and past Living Magazine issues online here. Also available for purchase through your doTERRA Account.

Join my team! A great way to supplement or replace your income!

If you have an interest in natural health and find yourself sharing it with others, then you may want to consider being a part of doTERRA as a business builder and Wellness Advocate! Contact me for more information, and I can help you get started. There is a great network and team to support you!

Hosting a Class: Give the gift of natural health to your family and friends this year!

Please let me know if you would like to host a class or a get together with your friends and family to learn about essential oils! There is a great team to support you!

Hana St. Gean

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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doTERRA Athlete's Kit: A favorite

This kit is such a great option for travel, going to the gym and getting around. Check it out!