And The Digestive System


Homeostasis is important cause without it homeostasis failure can lead to diabeetes and hyperstension some examples are your body keeps average tempurature around 98.6 degrees so when you get really cold homeostasis is what will overtime return your tempurature back to the 98 degrees.

Fun fact: Homeostasis comes from two Greek words: 'homeo,' meaning 'similar,' and 'stasis,' meaning 'stable.'

The Digestive System

The Digestive System starts in the mouth where you saliva breaks down the food into mush then it goes down down the food tube to your stomach where the food is broken down even more and then it goes on into the small intestine where most of the nutrients and finally it goes to the large intestine where then it absorbs the last bit of nutrients and then finally it goes out of the.

Food And How It Affects Your Nervouse, Skeletal, And Muscular Systems

If you drink milk it will give you the calcium that you need to help your Skeletal system If you eat to much junk food your bones will weaken and you will feel really weak.

If you are not carefull with the food you eat you muscles will not get stronger and that is not healthy cause to stay fit you must be able to do some kind of workout or exercise and if your eat you fruits and vegies you will become big and strong like hulk and not like a little weak kid not taking care of his muscles.

You need to eat good foods to nourish your brain witch you need for your nervouse system cause brain waves come from the nerves all over your body so without a strong brain you might catch a disease.