The Five Foundations

Emergency Fund

Save $500

An emergency fund allows you to have money available for any surprise expenses and health causes. If you don't have money saved to pay for these things, then debt will start looking like an easy answer. debt will never solve problems. At best, it just delays one problem while creating another one!!

Get Out of Debt

Take action. Contact each credit card provider and negotiate a lower interest rate. You may be surprised by how cooperative lenders are, especially if you're long-term customer. Second, consider a home equity line of credit or loan to consolidate debt.

Pay Cash for Your Car

The common thinking is that buying a car with cash is better than financing because you won't have to pay interest. After all, with a cash deal, you pay exactly the price shown and no more. When you're financing, you have to pay off the car with interest, and that means you'll end up paying an additional amount on top of the car's purchase price. So, is this thinking correct? I think so.

Pay Cash for College

College is expensive. Whether the economy is booming or depressed, the cost of school is always going to seem more than the average person can generate. Students who attend the University of Phoenix, for example, can expect to spend 1500 dollars every five to six weeks. That's a mortgage payment.

Maintain a college savings fund in order to pay for school. Kids preparing for college should dedicate at least fifty percent of all after school and summer earnings towards college funds. Granted, going to college isn't as glamorous as concert tickets or a new car, but the less debt you accrue while in college, the greater the returns you experience upon graduation.

Build Wealth and Give

So many of us are on a journey of getting out of debt, investing and saving so that some day we can get to the point where we have wealth. The question is, why do we want to build that wealth? Are we building wealth just for wealth’s sake, or do we have goals to use it to help others?