Tech Tips Tuesday

Summaries of Learning

Comic Strips for Summaries?

Do you use comic strips as a common way to check if the kids know what is going on in the story you are reading? Try an electronic copy, it might also help with the non-drawers that hate this activity or the crazy detailed oriented kids that could take 3 weeks to fill out 5 boxes.

Here's another, doesn't have as many options.

Timeline to Track Events

Use timeline for different units to track events in their life or in history? Try doing it online.

This one seems super simple and wouldn't take much work to get the kids started on. (No login required, there is an option to save it and send it to themselves if they don't finish but I didn't explore it too much)

This one is more complicated and need some digging into, but you can save it if you need multiple days to work on it. There was a teacher option when I logged in, and I was able to login using Google so I didn't have to create an account.

There was a section where you can set up classes. If you use timelines a lot this might be the better choice.

Brainstorming Bubbles

Use webs for brainstorming? There are some pretty cool online ones if you think your kids would benefit from this style instead. (This would be really easy to screen capture and add to their online essays so you don't have to worry about the kids losing their brainstorming paper and having to start over.

Can Login with Google and save map:

You can login with this one (right click on box and insert child, parent, or sibling to add boxes)

You could also create something like this using Google Draw and make a template then share it with the kids.

Chrome Extension: Save to Drive

Find something online that you want to save to drive and use later. Use this extension and it saves it to Drive for easy access later without you having to create a new document or saving to your desktop and then loading into drive.