Partly German.

My Communty / Heritage.

My German Heritage.

German people eat lots of bratwurst and other meat, some other foods the eat are chocolate cake, pig, and German clothing is very different compared to American clothing. As you can see in the picture below, the men where short pants and overalls, and the women where white dresses and overalls, and they are all in similar color. I am 35% German. My great great grandmother was born in Germany so I am 35% German

My German Heritage Is Importent To Me.

My German heritage is important to me because I am interested I'm my family's past and I want to learn more about them and there traditions. During the four weeks before Christmas they celebrate "Advent", a peacful delightful holiday where you will find hand crafted Christmas decorations. Another tradition is "Oktoberfest", a 12 day tradition where Germans eat lots of beer, roasted chiken, and pork sausage.