My Summer Plans

By Hudson Pfenning


This summer, I'm going to be camping in many different places around Nebraska and even in Missouri!

Big Vacation

This summer, along with going camping in Nebraska and Missouri, we will also be camping at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming!

Video Games

I'm hoping to spend my free time playing new video games like a new game coming out soon.
Video Game

This is the video game I'm most anticipating to play this summer


When we are home during the summer, I have to help mow with my dad and little brother.

Summer Camp

I'm only doing one summer camp this year, SEE Camp, a camp for kids in Horizons, it is optional, but you don't regret it if you do it.

Going to the College World Series

When we are coming home from Worlds Of Fun, we may go to the College World Series and cheer our favorite team there, which I don't know who that will be...
This video is from last years College World Series, and this is how the last game ended.