Suburban Sprawl

Ruben, Maria J, Leslie

The Definition

The unplanned, uncontrolled spreading of urban development into areas adjoining the edge of a city.

Two Main Issues

1. It kills wildlife

2. Destroys the environment

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What wilflife is affected?

All animals and plants that live in the ar

What wildlife is most affeted by this issue?

Animals are the most affected by this issue.

How is the wildlife effected?

By destroying the evoroment where the animals and plants live.

Does this isssue affect our lives in League City?

We have started to create bulilding int he area.

Are people effacted by this?

Yes by destroying trees and taking nutrients from the land.

Who or what causes the issue to occur?

The people when the build homes and houses.

What are the solutions that people have come up with for this issue?

We help the enviroment Recycling and replanting trees.

How we think we can help the eviroment.

We can build less buildings and conserve the land.