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January 2016

SPECIAL EDITION: A HUGE THANKS to YEF and the PTO from the HMS Library!

The HMS Library has recently been the recipient of some extraordinary gifts!

The PTO provided funding to purchase an iPad Mini and a Buoy ("action" seating")! We asked students to help name the iPad Mini and we're happy to announce that it now has the name Harry Padder. (Get it? iPad.....Harry Padder???) Our thanks to Maddy Corson for that great idea!

Joan Adler and Merry Stuhr received a YEF (Yarmouth Education Foundation) grant to acquire custom-sized glass whiteboard table tops for the HMS Library. They arrived over winter break and are now in full use by all grade levels in the library!

How are all of these new features being used in the HMS Library? What do the students think of them? Take a look!

Glass Whiteboards • iPad Mini (Harry Padder) • Buoy Seating!

This stop-motion video was created by four seventh-graders: Conor Wolff, Colin Senger, Margaret McNeil and Will Cox. They used an app on Harry Padder (iPad Mini) to make it, using clay and markers on the glass whiteboard tables.
Seed germination

Here's what the students are saying about our new additions:

"So efficient and so fun. Can't wait to use these again!"
"They are very helpful. We don't need to bring paper!"
"They are very convenient for projects and jotting down ideas."
"It makes me want to do my work. These whiteboards keep me on task instead of messing around."
"The whiteboards are amazing tools! Kids can use them to make blueprints of projects."
"I loved how you could really organize your thoughts! As a visual thinker, I found it very helpful when I wrote my essay."
"I made a stop-motion video with it and had a lot of fun."
"Easy to handle!"
"Love the name."
"The gentle rocking is very soothing and a ton of fun."
"Fun, relaxing."
"These seats are amazing! Reading The Old Man and the Sea on a Buoy made me feel like I was on the boat, fishing."
"Feels like I'm floating on the ocean."


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