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February 2016

Where's Kim?

2/1-2/4 - GWE

2/5 - SLC

2/8-2/10 - SPE

2/11 - GWE (Innovation and Technology Bubble Day)

2/12 - SPE

2/16 - Conference in Independence

2/17 - GWE

2/18 - SPE for Google Expeditions Day

2/19 - GWE

2/22-26 - SPE

While my physical location may be all over the place, I am always reachable by email/text. We can collaborate using Google apps and Google Chat.

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Resources for Black History Month

Pebble Go has a section in their Biographies collection entitled African Americans.

Safari Montage Videos (My shared playlist -- NOT all that's available but a good variety of titles)

Reading passages and videos from ReadWorks.

In the library we have picture books and novels by and about African Americans. Have you checked out any of the ones illustrated by Kadir Nelson? Powerful stuff!

On Follett Shelf, at both buildings, we have unlimited access copies of biographies of George Washington Carver, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou. These could be great for some close reading, nonfiction text features, or simple exploration. If you would like help remembering how to use Follett Shelf, just say the word.

Other wonderful authors and illustrators to consider:

  • Jacqueline Woodson
  • Langston Hughes
  • Patricia McKissack
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • Christine Taylor-Butler (a native Kansas Citian)
  • Walter Dean Myers
  • Angela Johnson
  • And so many more

We have a rich collection of biographies of African Americans from all eras. We have powerful stories of segregation and desegregation, inclusion and exclusion. We have titles that describe the accomplishments of African American astronauts, doctors, inventors and politicians.

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Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story

If (and when) we ever get some snow... here's a perfect opportunity for a bit of scientific learning based simply on wonder and excitement!

In Follett Shelf, we have an unlimited access copy of this wonderful book that takes us through the water cycle starting from a snowflake.

Check it out!

The Birth of the Tubric

PBL - Writing a Driving Question

For me, writing a deep and compelling question for a project based learning unit is the hardest part. I know that's where the meat of the matter is and that it should be substantial and meaningful, but getting it put together is such a challenge.

I stumbled across this video from BIE this week and thought it was GENIUS!

Wonder if we could have kids create a tubric to guide them on questions they want to know for Genius Hour or free research?

Watch a lioness wake from her nap.

Enjoy seeing the penguins frolic through the water.

Keep an eye out for sharks on the shark cam.

All of these are possible with the live camera feeds gathered at

An example is shared below -- such a cool way to bring the world of science into our classrooms!

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Illuminations - NCTM Resource

With a focus on math instruction, the NCTM site -- Illuminations -- is one you should have at your fingertips. It is chock full of lesson plans (600+ of them), brain teasers, interactives and online games.

Here's a summary of all that they offer!

Check it out when you get a chance!