Theology Of The Body

By: Kamryn Compton

History Of Theology Of The Body

Theology of the body came from a a series of Pope John Paul II "Wednesday audiences" talks about the human body and sexuality. Recorded and compiled into the book of Theology Of The Body.

"Christian life is to love" ~ Pope John Paul II

5 Key Facts Of Theology Of The Body

  • Often people get confused when it comes to love and lust and many don't know the difference between the two. Love is a decision to "will the good of another" person. Lust is a "disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure."
  • Many people don't understand what God has to do with there love life, but theology of the body helps us to understand that God has called us to love one another and He created men and women for that purpose to be united in marital act and to foreshadow Gods love and union with Him.
  • One of the big ideas of theology of the body is saving yourself for marriage and making yourself a gift for your spouse, giving them your all in the promise of marriage.
  • Love should be free, faithful, fruitful and total and should try to intimate God's Love. Free meaning that you are marrying freely and will to give all of yourself in marriage. Faithful being that you honor each other as husband and wife for the rest of your life. Fruitful meaning that you are willing to accept children lovingly and raise the according to the law of Christ and His Church. Total meaning that you are marrying holding nothing back.
  • Another key fact of theology of the body is "Naked without shame" This is what Adam and Eve experienced before the fall. They could be naked and experience no shame or embarrassment because of perfect love and God's call for them to be together.

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Three reasons why theology of the body is helpful for somebody wanting to experience long lasting love

  • It helps them realize what they should want and look for in a spouse in hopes of finding true love.
  • It helps people know "how far is to far" in a relationship.
  • And most importantly it helps people understand the meaning of true love and how they should treat there spouse, and what they should demand from there partner, for a loving heathy marriage.

How theology of the body Impacted my life

Below is a essay a young man wrote about how theology of the body impacted his life and showed him who he really is. On his path to finding himself he tells about the the struggles he faces/overcomes and how it really did have a major impact on this life.