She's back....

from Director's Retreat and ready to share the scoop!

Red Eye flights are the worse!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to report in - I landed 5:30 Monday morning from San Francisco and I am just now recovering!!! Director's Retreat was amazing - from Jessica's keynote - to the swag - to the training, it was truly a business building event!! Two of my biggest takeaways were "have more fun" and "organize". Jessica talked a lot about having more fun in our business - this is our one life, make it joyful!! She reminded us that we are blessed enough to have huge flexibility so capitalize on that! Whether that means working at Starbucks, bribing yourself with wine to do a booking blitz (personal favorite), having outrageously cute office supplies or coming up with cute and effective incentives for your team - hello purple nail polish ...make it fun!!!! On the organize front, it really hit home, as it does every year, that I need to set office hours - not just from 10 -4 Monday thru Friday, but break it down even more, reserving time for personal biz and coaching calls within those time slots. I think it is really easy when you work from home to use the "fly by the seat of your pants system" which leads in my experience to a harried day with little accomplished. I will give you an update on my schedule next week
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Dear Self....

Now is the time to set your goals for 2015 ! Whether you want to learn another language, promote one or two levels, lose weight or run a marathon - I would love to hear what is on your mind!!! Everyone who sends me a picture of their goals by Friday, is entered to win the new Erin Condon Stella & Dot Calendar - a $75 value!!
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the winner of last week's challenge is Heather Sparks!!! Heather, caffeine is on the way!!!!

Sign up for Your Local Team Meeting

Did you know that Stylists who attend team meeting have higher sales and sponsoring rates than their coworkers who don't? Cincinnati area Stylists, we have a meeting on January 20 th. From 6 -6:30 pm we will have a Meet Stella & Dot for your prospects this is free. From 6:30 until 9 we will have training. The ticket price of $20 covers the food and dinner. WE WILL HAVE THE NEW COLLECTION THERE!!!!

One more thing....

I have been going back and forth in my mind about starting my own Facebook page for my team - on one hand it is a great way to communicate...on the other hand some of us are on a lot of pages and it could just be more noise....let me know what you think.

Courtney Shannon, Director and Founding Leader