Matthew Rebuck

Chapter 1: My Name and what it Means

1. My name, Matthew means gift of god. I am not 100% sure how I got it except for the fact that my parents liked it.

2. Matthew means gift of god.

3. I like my name and would not change it. It did not come from a family member and I am the first to have it in my family as far as I know. My name, meaning gift of god is as accurate as it gets because I would definitely consider myself as a gift of god!

4. It is not a family name, it is just a name that my parents like. My middle name, Joseph comes from both of my grandfathers. The other in consideration were Jeffrey and Alex. The process was just narrowing it down to Jeffrey and Matthew, then just Matthew. My dad liked Matthew better at first, but my mom liked Jeffrey. In the end they chose Matthew.

5. People usually shorten the name to Matt. I don’t really care if people call me Matt or Matthew, but with my name it seems everyone calls me Matt. However, I hate when people call me Matty, I just think it sounds like the girl’s name. My cousin however started to call me “Manoo” which I have come to believe is a derivative of the word mayonnaise (I have a weird family). I have no idea why I am called that. I like all of the nicknames except Matty, and Manoo is more of an inside joke.

6. My name makes feel awesome because I am a gift from god! However it is probably the most common boy name in our grade and it is the 15th most common in the US. It is not very unique, but I still like Matthew.

“Ok, we’ve narrowed it down to three.” My mom said. “Alex, Jeffrey, and Matthew.”

“Well I like Matthew.” My grandmother said, “Pick Matthew.”

My parents traveled a little ways down the hall in my old apartment building to their cozy little apartment.

“How about this, we count down from three and we say at the same time which one we like best,” My mom proposed.

“Ok, that’s a good idea,” My dad said.

“One, two, three…” my parents shaid in unison on their couch.

“Matthew!” My dad said.

“Jeffrey!” My mom said.

The two names said out loud differed, but Matthew won. To me it is surprising that my dad won. This would have been an interesting discussion to watch because my mom always wins. They picked this name even before they moved to the place that I grew up in for fourteen years. My parents were the ones who picked my name even though my grandmother (dad’s mom) claims that she was the one that chose my name. My name was settled and the last few months of my mom’s pregnancy were a breeze… I hope.

I guess everyone was very excited for my birth, it was both sides of my families’ first person in the fourth generation of living people. My whole family, including aunts and uncles were in the waiting room waiting to see my arrival. Everyone was nervous and excited. There was plenty of nail biting, waiting, and pacing. My whole family looked through the window into the delivery room with a face of joy when I was about to see the world for the first time. Knowing my family they would all be in the delivery room if they could, but their outfits were not sterilized. I guess you could say I was that I pretty big deal!

“Waaaaaaahhhhhhh.” I screamed as I first came into the world.

I was a big baby and the doctor said I had a great pair of lungs. Everyone held me that day and even though I don't remember it, it was a great day!

Matthew means “gift of god." A meaning to a name can’t get any better than “gift of god!” My name has no symbolic or family meaning. My parents, and apparently my grandmother (claims to have picked the name) just liked the name. I am the first (that I know of) to have the name Matthew in the family. I love my name but just wish there was a better story behind it. My parents “just liking it” and a common name like Matthew is a pretty generic story to tell people. My name can also be confusing at times. In our grade there are probably eight Matts.

I like my name Matthew, and it is usually a given to shorten the name to Matt. I like Matt and another weird and sort of embarrassing nickname is Manoo. This was given to me by my cousin. Manoo kind of sounds like Matthew, but I guess it was a cute mistake and she kept with it. After the Manoo incident, about ten years later, my other cousin (the sister to the one that called me Manoo), called me Manelope. This nickname does not make sense and I will stick with it, but my two cousins must have conspired to call me that. Manelope is as crazy as Manoo! One nickname I hate, hate, hate, is Matty. It just doesn’t have a good ring to it and it sounds much like the girl’s name. My name does not have an awesome story, but I like it and do not plan on changing it.

Chapter 2: The Day I was Born

When is your birthday?

January 5th, 2000

Find your age in days with this Age Calculator.

5386 Days as of 10/4/14

Can you find out what the moon looked like on the day you were born?

-New Moon

Can you find out what the weather was like on the day you were born?

-A rainy and foggy day with an average temperature of 42.3ºF

List at least five famous people who share their birthday with you. What are they famous for?

-Bradley Cooper, Actor (The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle)

-Robert Duvall, Actor (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Deep Impact)

-Diane Keaton, Actress (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Father of the Bride)

-January Jones, Actress (Mad Men, Unknown, X-Men)

-Marilyn Manson, Musician

-Clancy Brown, Actor (voice of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob)

List at least ten things that happened throughout time on this day in history .

-Benedict Arnold Burns Richmond (1781)

-Lowest temperature ever Recorded for Pennsylvania in Smethport, -41.1ºC (1904)

-Nazi Party forms as a Farmers Party (1919)

-Mao Zedong writes “A Single Spark can Start a Prairie Fire” (1933)

-Work on Golden Gate Bridge begins (1933)

-President Harry Truman labels his administration “Fair Deal” (1949)

-Jackie Robinson retires (1957)

-”All of my Children” premier (1970)

-MLB signs 400 million dollar deal with ESPN (1989)

-Reggie Jackson elected into the MLB Hall of Fame (1993)

Find out how much these things cost:

➔ a postage stamp


➔ a luxury car

BMW 3 Series: $27,560-$34,560

➔ an economy car

Ford Focus: $12,280-$15,580

➔ a four bedroom house in Media

$130,500 (median price of houses, could not find four bedroom specifically)

➔ a gallon of milk


➔ going to the movies

Movie Ticket Price Average: $5.34

Who was President?

-Bill Clinton

What was the must have toy?

Beyblade, Razor Scooters

What movies came out?

Gladiator, Cast Away, The Perfect Storm

Who were the biggest movie stars?

Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts

Most popular TV shows?

Friends, Spongebob, Survivor, CSI


-Billboard 100 for 2000: Breathe (Faith Hill), Smooth (Santana), Maria Maria (Santana), I Wanna Know (Joe), Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon)


Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Yankees win World Series, Devils win Stanley Cup, Rams win Super Bowl, Lakers Win NBA Title.

What were the fashion trends?

Men: Spiky Hair, Popped Collar, Denim Jackets

Women: Studded Belts, Tank Tops, Folded off the shoulder tops

Chapter 3: Family Heirloom

A specal object from my family is our coat of arms. The coat of arms contains a small informative summary of what my last name means. My family bought it on the boardwalk from a coat of arms shop. They had a database of almost all last names and they happened to have Rebuck. It is certified to be authentic by the historical research center. I like the coat of arms because the information reveals so much about the possibility of my family’s origins. It is not that old, my father and my grandparents bought it when my father was a kid. The coat of arms is a conversation starter and it makes me want to find the roots of my ancestry.

According to the information given, Rebuck means stag/deer from “reh” and male from “buck”. It was most likely given to the first bearer of the name to describe him. This is a comparison to a deer, implying that my ancestors were hunters. Another possibility of the origin of my name is deriving from Czech words meaning farmhand. The first known uses of the name in Europe were of German nobility. Although the coat of arms gives many possibilities to the root of my name, it is unsure exactly where it is from. My family always refers to my last name to being of German descent. The coat of arms is located on my grandparent’s wall. They display it with pride and it is very important to my family.
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Chapter 4: Personal Alphabet

A is for academic. Academics are important to me and I try to succeed in them as best as I can.

B is for buoyant. I always try to be buoyant, optimism helps solve problems.

C is for courteous. I always try to be respectful to everyone and everything.

D is for dependable. I am always reliable.

E is for eager. I am always anxious for things to happen.

F is for focused. I always try to get things done.

G is for gracious. I am always nice to people.

H is for helpful. I try to help people with whatever they need.

I is for intelligent. I am a smart person and try to keep my grades up.

J is for jaded. I get bored with things quickly.

K is for keen. I always patiently await for things on the outside, but I am impatient in the inside.

L is for loving. I love many things and many people.

M is for modern. I like to have the latest technology and know the latest internet trends.

N is for nifty. I like to be good at certain things and show them off to people.

O is for obedient. I am always try to be obedient, I always follow the rules.

P is for passionate. I am passionate about things that interest me.

Q is for quirky. I am mostly normal but I am strange at times.

R is for responsible. I often accept and do well with responsibilities.

S is for serious and silly. I am serious when necessary and at other times silly.

T is for trustworthy. I always want to be a trustworthy person.

U is for uniform. I always try to stay consistent.

V is for vibrant. Although calm most of the time I do get excited with an adrenaline rush.

W is for witty. I always come up with a good comeback.

X is for Xerophobous. I and all other humans cannot survive in drought conditions.

Y is for youthful. Even though we are growing up, it is important to be think or act like a kid sometimes.

Z is for zealous. I like to plan and work my way to achieve goals.

Chapter 5: Customs and Traditions Interview

Interviewees: Grandparents


Grandmother A: On holy holidays we always went to church and later had a nice meal.

Grandfather A: Every year I would go to watch my dad go skeet shooting.

Family Languages

Grandfather A: My father spoke Pennsylvania Dutch

Grandmother A: My grandmother spoke German.

Passes Down Stories

Grandfather A: My grandfather was always talked up to be a good coal miner and always bragged about how good he was with a sledgehammer. Also, a story in my house is the day that my father broke his leg. In my house I heard an ambulance that traveled to the coal mines, someone said that a miner got hurt. It turns out it was my father and he got covered in coal. This caused his leg to break.

Grandmother A: My grandfather was a member of the Molly Maguires (an Irish secret society amongst coal miners).

How they Met

Grandmother A: My mother said introduced me to your grandfather because she knew him. He was a bartender at the time and we met there.


Grandfather A: I have a big lump of coal that my grandfather mined, this would have been used to heat homes. It is valuable to me because it was mined by my father.

Grandmother A: I have many old pictures, even some from the 1800s.

Combined A: We have many photo albums from different time periods, your father’s childhood, our family, us, etc.

Skill Passed Down

Grandmother A: I learned cooking from my grandmother when I was 12 years old. We had a coal stove, she taught me everything. Cooking was challenging at first. I was always her helper.

Grandfather A: I didn’t learn this from my father, but I was on Shamokin undefeated basketball team in 1944-45 season. I played center and I was known as Silent Joe

Chapter 6: Likes and Dislikes



Video Games

Disney World



Jimmy Fallon

Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

Brooklyn 99

The Office


The Walking Dead


Breaking Bad



My Dog Buzz





The Beach

Doing Nothing

The Sound Styrofoam Makes




New York Mets

Pittsburgh Penguins

Dallas Cowboys

Other Rivals

Sydney Crosby

Dez Bryant

Skip Bayless

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

People Chewing with mouths open

Places that are not Clean

Bad Drivers

Chapter 7: People I Look Up To

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was one of my first role models, As a class, we learned basic things about him in first grade. How he became president, the fact the he freed the slaves, etc. I admire the fact that he stood up for racial equality in times of very high tension and war. He never worried about criticism and fought for his cause until the day he died. I admire his hard work for actually becoming president and not worrying about what would happen to him even though he supported one side of a highly controversial event for the time. The movie Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis), really made me realize how great of a man he was.

Steve Jobs
I love apple products and as a family we own many apple things. They seem to be the highest quality and longest lasting devices that I have ever owned and would never stop buying them. Steve Jobs was the innovator and founder of this company, his slogan “Think Different” is very true to his line of work. During times when Bill Gates and his computer ruled, Steve Jobs and his company in a garage made their own computer with its own system very different in good and bad ways to the other computers. They’re computers today and back then really compete with Microsoft. In my opinion Apple is very good and better in many ways than Microsoft. I admire his work because in times when something dominated the industry, he fought back and developed something that we all love and something that competes with the rulers of the industry.

Walt Disney
I love everything Disney but I never knew the true story behind the company. “It all started with a mouse,” they say. After learning about Walt Disney, I know that is wrong. It all started with a man. Walt Disney was just a person with a dream and his dream became a reality. He moved to LA with only $20 to start his company. Eventually he succeeded and now it is one of the best companies in the world. I admire his strengths through hardships and he is a good role model.

Chapter 8: Lessons I Learned Before it was too Late

  • Not to worry about everything

  • To try your hardest always

  • Do what you want to do

  • Enjoy being a kid

  • Go the extra mile

  • Don't always take the easy way out

  • Surround yourself with people you want to be/are.

Trying my Hardest

In school I always stress about grades and and always think I need to get an A. I always say I need to do this and that. But my parents tell me to try my hardest, that if my hardest work is a C they would be happy. Now, when I do my work instead of worrying about grades, I ask myself if I am trying my hardest and if I am doing the necessary. I always like to think I do and my grades reflect me trying my hardest. My parents don't want to see me stressed, and that I should enjoy school and always try my best. I still worry about grades, but not nearly as much. I am glad to have the goal of trying my hardest. I learned this too late because before my parents said anything, I always was stressing to get the best grades possible. I know that they want me to do the best that I can now, but I wish I always had that mentality.

Chapter 13: My Friends

Matt Tang

Mason Pflug

Justin Senackerib

Liam Theveny

Daniel Breslin

Chris Jackson

Zafir Minhaj

David Tomlinson

many more

What We Do/Where We Hang Out

Each one of my friends like to do different things and I seem to be the person that likes to do everything. With all of these people I do separate things because others may not be interested. Things include: movies, parties, video games, baseball, football, hanging out, bowling, and mini-golfing. We only really “hang out” at other’s houses. I for one never really just went wherever the wind took me and hang out there, I have to be doing something to have fun. Which is why I like doing things like the movies and bowling.

Why We Are Friends

We are friends because we share similar interests and like to do things together. We are all regular people with regular goals in life. We make each other happy and make each other laugh. One cannot be a friends unless they are happy together.