Thank you

From the Library

Sarah Brennan

Sarah's visit was a huge success with many students in our school listening to her for the 5th time. It's so great to see many students inspired by her creativity and her story-telling. From Year 1 to Year 6 she connected with students and shared hew wisdom and expertise as an author. She particularly loves sharing her understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.

Can I please have all order forms sent back up to the Library on Monday as we have a very tight deadline to receive the books before the Christmas break.


Door Decorating Competition

Delightful Doors and Fabulous Fun!

I really appreciate the time nad effort that you are all putting into decorating the doors especially at this time of year with so much going on. They truly look wonderful and look way better than anything I looked at on Pinterest and Google!

The Library staff will come around on Thursday morning to do the final judging and prepare certificates.

Here's a sneak preview....

Have a great weekend!