Linda Sue Park

"A Long Walk To Water" By Mateo And Mailo

Linda Sue Parks Life

Linda Sue Park is a woman who wrote since she was in kindergarten.She was a reader and a re-reader."That's the only reason I became a writer"(1)says Linda.Her first publication was a haiku in the children's magazine,when she was 9 years old.Linda was born and raised in Illinois.Her parents had migrated to the United States from Korea."Having been in my aunts traditional house helped me imagine an important part of the setting for my first book,"Seesaw Girl"(1) says Linda ."I also received degrees in London and Dublin-where I moved to be near a charming Irish man who became my husband"(1) says Linda.Linda also had two children who are now teenagers."They help give me feedback on my writing(1)"says Linda.Linda also owns a border terrier named Fergus.The inspiration of "A Single Shard"came to her from reading.She had already written "Seesaw Girl" and "The Kite Fighters",so the research she had done on these books led her to "A Single Shard"."I can give advice to anyone interested in writing in one word:READ!I think it's much more important to be reader then a writer!"(1) says Linda Sue Park.

Why And How People Should Read Linda Sue Park Novels

People should read Linda Sue Park novels because her first three novels are set in ancient or medieval Korea.People should read her fourth novel because it's about the more recent history of Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II.People should read her latest novel "A Long Walk To Water" because it features Salva Dut's childhood experience of growing up in Sudan,so people should read it to learn about Salva's childhood experience.How should people read Linda Sue Park novels?They should read Linda Sue Park novels by going on the internet to read her novels.People can go to a library to order out Linda Sue Park novels.People can also buy Linda Sue Park novels from the internet or from certain stores.