The Open Door Policy

All About the Policy

At the end of the 19th Century, China was struggling both economically and politically. But, other countries were more focused on the business of trade, rather than helping China. This, is what brought on the proposal of the Open Door Policy. The open door policy gives equality to all countries having trade. The policy also allows open and equal trade with China, by all countries. It was important to have equality because some countries didn't want others to use their territory as trade land. They could also impose outrageous taxes, but the Open Door Policy stopped all of that. The open door policy was very important because it opened up trade between all countries. If we didn't have it, we may not have nearly half of the things and ideas that we have now. The policy allowed countries to make major profits on trade.

Theodore Roosevelt

A Change in Office

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt started as VP under the 25th president, William McKinley. After McKinley's assassination Roosevelt became the youngest president in the United States. Roosevelt was the first to prosecute monopolies, based on the Sherman Antitrust Act. Roosevelt also created the "Square Deal" which was a program to create equality in the workplace and help all classes of people. Roosevelt was the first president to be considered an "environmentalist" and created laws that protect natural landmarks (for example, the Grand Canyon). Roosevelt didn't quite focus as much on Civil Rights until he was reelected for his second term. Roosevelt gave the mansion the name "the White House" and was the first president to entertain an African-American guest.