Julius Caesars death

5 thing you should know about Julius Caesars Death

1.The ideas of march are real,not fiction

2.An unknown assassion was the plots leading culpret

3."friends! Romans! Countrymen!"Not quite

4. Cleopatria was visiting Caesar when he was murdered

5. Caesars murder ultimately backfired

How did Julius Caesars died?

Julius Caesar lived by the sord and died by the sord actualy 23 sords.

When all the people around him were stabing him with 23 sords the ways he could have died was, if someone had stabed him with a nife in the lugs, and imidiatly the lungs with be filling up with blood so it will be imposible for him to breath.

Why did Brutus kill his friend Julius?

The reason why Brutus killed his friend Julius Caesar is because, Brutus believed in something and wanted to honer it so, he betrayed his friend Julius to be honer full with the other people, but ever though other roman man stabbed Julius 23 with Brutus last stab had killed Julius.
Death of Julius Caesar - Mort de Jules César