The Nile River

Alexis Goodwill

The Nlie is the only north flowing river in the world. Also, it's the longest. Even though the Nile has broken some records, it is still a very important water source to Africa. People hear the Nile being used in things about Egypt but it's also important to other countries.

Location and Transportation of the Nile

The Nile is located in Africa. It runs along in 9 countries including Egypt, Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. It states in "Near the Mediterranean Sea the river splits into two branches, the Rosetta Branch (to the west) and the Damietta (to the east)." The Nile was used for transportation and for trading routes. The transportation was fast and easy. The only thing about it was if Egypt wanted to send something down to Sudan, they wouldn't be able to use the Nile. The Nile is the only north flowing river starting from two sources. The White Nile, which starts at Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile, which starts at Lake Tana. There has been construction, like bridges, but that's not how the Nile came about.

The Nile was found

The Nile was not constructed but it was found by John Hanning Speke. If it weren't for Mr.Speke's journey to follow up rumors of a Great Lake in the interior of east Africa, he wouldn't have found the Nile August 3rd 1858. The night I was in habited as far back as 5200 B. C. E. What was constructed was the canals built off of them for crops and to keep the Nile from flooding as often. There are many canals that help the importance of the Nile.

The importance of the Nile

If the Nile never formed, the Egyptians might not be where they are today. The Nile was important because it brought water to the dry desert. " The Nile floods the lands in Egypt, leaving behind a black sediment." It states in The black sediment is used as soil for the crops. The Nile also protected the Egyptians. Any outsider would have to cross before reaching their land.
The Nile is an important water source to Africa. The use of transportation, the protection it gives, and the great soil it brings for the crops is all an important role in the presence of the Nile.

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