Dark summer

kiara parrish

The call

It was an early summer day when I was getting ready for camp. It was so sunny and hot outside. I loved it because I love the warm sunshine. Then the house phone rang. It was a 300 number so I knew it was the hospital. I got so excited because I knew it was my mom calling. I picked up the phone and said “Hey mommy, I really miss you!” Instead of my mom talking, I heard the nurse say “Can I speak to Brenda?”, I said “yes”. I gave the phone to my grandma and she was talking to the nurse. After she hung up the phone, she told me to go get my aunt and uncle.

The ride

There was no talking in the car as we rode to the hospital, all I could think about was

that she left me.


She wasn’t going to see me graduate middle school or even high school.

Thoughts just kept racing.There would be no more late night talks, no more dates, no more

play fighting, and no more kisses from her. Most importantly, I no longer had a mother.

In loving memory of tonya parrish