Mrs. Arndt's Classroom News

Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick Updates


The students have been reading nonfiction texts in guided reading groups. As a whole class we began exploring nonfiction features such as photographs and labels. We will continue this week with captions, comparisons, cutaways, maps and types of print. I am emphasizing that these features are important and need to be read in every informational book.


We are beginning a writing unit on informational reports. We will analyze model texts and begin the steps to write our own informational report.


Last week I introduced one method of adding double digit numbers, Show All Totals. This week we will review and I will show them the other method of New Groups Below. Then the students will be able to choose the method he/she is most comfortable with.

I also showed them how to play Snap last week. It is a card game similar to war. The students flip over cards and add the two numbers together. The first one to add correctly gets to keep the cards. This is a great way to practice facts at home.

Social Studies

Last week Monday and Tuesday the students went on an E-Field Trip. Half of the class went each day with another second grade class. The students went to the storytelling room and learned about the Wampanoag Native American tribe and the pilgrims on the interactive poly-com tv. It was a neat way to end our Life Long Ago unit.

Then we began discussing rules and consequences. The students shared rules they have at home and consequences. This week we will discuss community rules and laws.