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The Great Depression Gets Worse

The times are getting worse as people can't find jobs and are starving on the streets.Millions of Americans are on the streets because of the horrible crash of 1929,many children are on the streets protesting to give there parents a job as well as many businesses are closing down,it looks like the whole economy is crashing down.

Murder in a farm!!!

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Women found died-suspect shoot and killed

A horrible thing happened today in a barn,a women was killed by a migrant worker named Lennie small who came here with George also a worker from weed California when we asked George why he did this he said"Lennie is mentally ill and doesn't know whats going on around him"And we asked the dead women husband the son of the boss curly and he said "I knew this was going to happen that Lennie broke my arm and know broke my heart by killing my wife, am going to hunt him down and shoot him for what he did.After the farmers and workers found out they went to search for the suspect, when they found him he was deid near a pond and the one who shot him was George, he said "He had someone's gun and I took it and shoot him"
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Interview with george

George can you tell us why Lennie killed curly's wife

I don't know why he did it but it wasn't his fault he just didn't listen when me or slim said she was trouble and to stay away from her.I bet that thing tricked him into it by saying something that he didn't understand and drew him into her.

What do you think of curly's wife

She is a tarp and flirts with anyone and everyone and she wants a lot of attention I don't know why anyone would marry her and also I think there is nothing good that can come from her the only thing that will happen when you hang out with that kind of people is trouble.

Why did you shoot Lennie instead of running away

(George looks at the ground for a long time)Well.....I thought it was better for him instead of running and starting all over until he gets himself killed.And if curly got to him he would have shot him anyway or torture him.I

Why didn't you let someone else shot him

I didn't want to be like candy regretting all his life that he let someone else shot his real friend

What about your dream

That I don't think was ever going to happen in the first place that was just something I told Lennie and when I shot him I shot that to


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l house for sale

A great house of 10 acers are for sale for 600 dollars , if you want to save it please send 100 to the owners

Free puppies

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3 puppies

There are 3 puppies in a farm close to you go there and ask for slim to receive your puppies come soon or the puppies well be taken


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one job

One job is available near the curly plantation come soon or live without a job pays $40 a mouth