Teen Pregnancy


Information on Teen Pregnancy

Teenagers are more at risk in getting pregnant because they try to grow up too fast. What they fail to realzie is they are going to have a hard life because they are still a teen. When teens get pregnant durong high school, they will most likely not finish and will not go to college. U.S have one of the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world. Teen pregnancy is a one time mistake.

Pregnancy Complications

Its very dangerous for a baby to be born by a teen parent because the teenager is not mature. Its different kind of risks for the baby when its born by a young adult. Its very complicated for the mother because her finances arn't situated and she may not know enough on what it takes to be a parent. I know for a fact the baby will have low birthrate because the mother not fully developed. I feel like some teenagers are not even responsible to have a child, majority of the time the father won't even be there for her. It's very complicated and sad when the baby's dad isn't in their life.