Happy New Year from Southeast PAECT

Check out our upcoming events!

Happy New Year!

We value your membership and encourage you to provide us with feedback so we can best meet your edtech needs. Interested in becoming part of our leadership team to help plan events? Email Brandon - blutz01@gmail.com Have a professional new year's resolution? Post it on our wall and gain inspiration from others in our community (posts can be anonymous)!

Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars

PETE&C - February 9th-12th, Hershey Lodge

  • Regional Board Meeting Sunday @5pm
  • Monday Night PAECT Banquet (You must register and purchase a ticket for our banquet this year)

Teachers Teaching Teachers - March 27th, Montgomery County Community College

Open House - March 30th, Location TBD

Educator Forum - May 2nd-3rd, School of the Future.
Consider applying to present to receive a free registration!
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Other Events of Interest:

Educon @ Science Leadership Academy - 1/24-1/26

Google Symposium @ DCIU - 2/1 - All attendees receive a free subscription to Synergyse Google Apps training.

Attention Keystone Technology Integrators!

If you were selected as a Keystone between 2006 and 2010, please fill out this form! We are trying to rebuild the network and schedule an event for this summer! Please share this Brochure with your administration.