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New Year, new tools

Is broadening your repertoire of tech tools on your New Year's goal list? It's on mine. Here are two good ones to get you started:

Thinglink allows you to create interactive images. Choose an image and add text, video or images. I bet we could come up with ways to use this in every discipline.

Recite is a simple tool that allows you to "Turn a quote into a masterpiece". Create classroom posters, or spice up any presentation with this easy application.

Check out these examples---

100 Great Children's Books

This a wonderful list put together by the New York Public Library. How many have you read?

If you download the PDF it is formatted with nice little checkboxes to keep track.

I love this quote from The Book Whisper, “When we meet and I discover that we have read and loved the same books, we are instant friends.”

Donalyn Miller

Library Schedule

Wondering if the mac lab or Haas Media Room is free for your class? The library schedule is online at:

Each area: library, Mac lab, media room, reading room and the PCs are scheduled independently and color coded.

It's always best to plan ahead, but a spur-of-the-moment visit is just a phone call away.