Sunset Ridge Careers on Wheels

Please join us as we start planning for the future TODAY!

Education and Career

Careers start in Kindergarten! It is never too early to begin educating our students about the possibilities that are just around the corner for their futures! Please join us as we share with our K-5th graders information about a variety of professions.

Careers on Wheels Event for K-5 Students

Monday, Feb. 2nd 2015 at 9am-12pm

Sunset Ridge Bus Parking Lot

During this interactive Career Event students will tour vehicles that professionals use for their career. We are looking for parents (or friends of parents) who would like to come and park in our bus lot for a few hours and talk to small groups of students about how they use that automobile for their job. (We are also looking for parents to volunteer to help set up and greet our guest speakers).

Careers on Wheels Agenda

8:45 Volunteers arrive to help set up

9:00 Speakers and their vehicles arrive to Bus Parking Lot (East side of campus)

9:15-12:00 Students in grades K-5 will tour the vehicles in small groups. Speakers will talk for 10min or less to each group about their job and how they utilize the vehicle for their work.


Please contact Mrs. Willard, Sunset Ridge School Counselor if you are interested in assisting in any way. She will gladly take recommendations of companies and/or career speakers to contact.