Ashton Redovian

Ways To Help Portion-Sizing At Resturants

1. Don't go to the restaurant starving!
2. Share your meal or entrée with a companion, and order extra salads so both of you get something green.
3. Take home a box and enjoy the rest of the meal the next day.

Portion-Control Tools

These items will help you portion your food into 1/2-cup to 3/4-cup servings:

-Snack-size baggies .

-Foil cupcake liners

-Large muffin cups

-A ladle

Portion sizing

A more convenient way is to use familiar objects to help yourself gauge how much you're eating, and to buy products that do the portion control for you.

Over the las decade , people have forgotten the approipate serving sizes. Its very convenient to grab something to eat and have another person responsible for your own portion sizing , So most choose larger.