Honors World History

Ms. Donnelly

Dear Parents,

As the week comes to a close, I wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know that the students will have their first chapter exam next week on Thursday over Chapter 4, Ancient Greece. The students completed all of their content yesterday and have been reviewing in class yesterday, today and will have one more day of review on Tuesday as well.

I wanted to provide you with some ways to help your student prepare for the exam. All the students have completed Quizlet note cards for Ch 4 and these are a great way to practice vocabulary. Encourage your students to complete the practice quizzes and review games that are on Quizlet. In addition to Quizlet, students have access to the notes from class through the Student Drive and have completed the Chapter Review Study Guide already. We have already corrected all their answers so, they have those to help study as well.

If there are any questions on material, I am here before and after school everyday. I am dedicating my Homework Hour on Tuesday to my World History students in case they need a study session with me.

If there is anything further I can do to help your student succeed, please let me know!

Ms. Donnelly