we Beat the Street chapter 20

by: Meagan Mosher and Janiese Rivera


Rameck and his friend Dax are driving Rameck`s car, when they noticed three cop cars following them. The three cop cars didn't have there lights on to signal to pull over so they kept driving.


They kept driving for a little while. Finally Rameck pulls over and one cop car cut them off in the front. Then the cops got out of the car weapons drawn and asked them to get out of the car slowly with there hands up. One cop asked them "why didnt you pull over?" while another cop searched the car. The cop that searched the car found a small fishing knife.


Rameck was taken into custody. Rameck got a court meeting and the judge told him to get a different lawyer. Then when he went back for a different court hearing they told him they lost his evidence so he was free to go and they dropped the charges.