Manifiest Destiny And Slavery

View from a Notherner (A Letter With Pathos)

Manifest Destiny Is Bad

The gold found in California has certainly attracted many settlers but then followed by with manifest destiny does slavery. Slavery has brought attention to many states above the 36 30 line. Slavery is not right and yet it is spreading. The act of slavery is quite obstreperous.

It Is Near The Point Of Genocide

Stop harming the Indians over the land. The act is very vexatious. Indians are very well as humans. They have yet got this part before us many of US citizens have even got it. Don't make the American standard any lower, build it with courage and bravery and not the malevolent atrocities.

Vernacularity Of Maifiest Destiny


Sectionalism and War

The more we expand this nation the greater chance of war we have. We are not a unified state more so we are not having reconciliation with each other. We must come as brothers to brothers or sisters to sisters as one unified family. War among the states is amongst us, to bring an atrocity greater than ever seen in this nation