By: jaivon R Matthews

Role 1

Mesopamia was located near the Fertile Crescent. It was in the middle of two rivers called the Tigris and Euphrated. Mesopamia means the land between the rivers.

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This is a picture of map of Mesopotamia

Role1 sen. 3

The weather is mostly dry partly rain

Role1 sen. 4

Mesopotamia is now known as Iraq
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Role1 sen. 5

Mesopotamia is 713.19 miles away from Elm City Middle school
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Role2 sen. 1

In 1800 B.C Hammurabi unites much of Mesopotamia

In 1600 B.C Hittites raid Babylon

In 1500 B.C Mitannian Empire controls north Mesopotamia

In 1400 B.C kassites controls south Mesopotamia

Role 2 sen. 2

You need food, water, laws, and hard working people to have an civilation.

Role 2 sen. 3

There were 280 laws that the Hammurabiens had to follow. If you broke the law you was found guilty.