Portuguese Republic


Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, and the area of Portugal is 35,516 sq. miles. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.


The climate is mainly temperate, but in the north it's cool and rainy. In the south, it's warm and dry. There's hardly any snow in southern Portugal.


List of landforms:

  • Minho River- 217 miles
  • Tagus River (Tejo River)- 645 miles
  • Douro River- 557 miles
  • Cantabrian Mountains


  • grain
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • olives
  • grapes
  • sheep
  • cattle
  • swine
  • poultry
  • dairy products
  • fish
  • olive oil
  • barley
  • cork
  • wood products
  • ceramics
  • wine

Natural Resources

  • fish
  • forests
  • iron ore
  • copper
  • zinc
  • tin
  • tungsten
  • silver
  • gold
  • uranium
  • marble
  • clay
  • gypsum
  • salt
  • arable land
  • hydropower


In Portugal, the major religion is Roman Catholic. 81% are Roman Catholic. 3.3% is Christian. 0.6% are other. 6.8% are none. Saints' days and religious festivals occur often. A national holiday celebrated in Portugal is called Portugal Day. It is celebrated on June 10th. It is also known as Camoes Day, named after the famous poet Luis de Camoes. He died on this date in 1580.


Portugal had achieved many things, such as endoscopy, the prepaid phone, all on four dental method, multibanco system, and via verde. Endoscopy is seeing inside the body with an instrument called an endoscope. It is placed directly on the organ. A prepaid phone is paying your phone bill as you use your phone. The all on four dental method replaces all your teeth at once, instead of replacing each tooth. It is a much faster and less expensive way. The multibanco system is a network of ATMs. It allows people to withdraw money whenever they're on the road. The via verde is an electric toll collection. It's located on every highway. You can use an E-Z pass or money for the toll.



  • parliamentary democracy
  • a democratic republic
  • there are 230 legislature members
  • used to be ruled by dictators, now there are ministers and presidents
  • current president is Anibal Antonio Cavaco Silva
  • current minister is Pedro Manuel Mamede Passos Coelho
  • a term is five years
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Portugal is gets all their money from other European countries, but it's considered poor compared to other countries. People use euros as currency. So, 1 euro equals $1.12, and 0.89 euros equal a dollar. The National GDP is $248,500,000,000. The GDP growth rate is -3.20%. The unemployment rate is 15.7%, and the inflation rate is 2.8%. Overall, the economy's condition is stable.

Major Imports: $61 billion

  • machinery and transport equipment
  • chemicals
  • petroleum
  • textiles
  • agricultural products

Major Exports: $57 billion

  • clothing and footwear
  • machinery
  • chemicals
  • cork and paper products
  • hide

Major Industries

  • textiles
  • clothing
  • footwear
  • wood and cork
  • paper products
  • auto parts
  • base metals
  • porcelains and ceramics
  • glassware
  • technology

Style of Living

In Portugal, people speak either Portuguese or Mirandese. The current population of Portugal is 10.8 million. The most popular sport is football (aka soccer). The most popular art form is azulejos. Azulejos is tile painting and glazing. Also, rock and hip hop are two most played music genres. However, traditional music and folk music is played all over Portugal.

Dining etiquette

Important Rules

  • dress appropriately
  • don't talk about business in social situations
  • Don't eat until the server says, "Bom apetite"
  • always leave food on your plate when you are done

Gift Giving

  • Always give the hostess good quality chocolates, flowers, and candy
  • gifts are opened when given
  • no lilies or chrysanthemums should be given. They are used at funerals
  • red flowers signify revolution, so they also shouldn't be given

National Anthem

Types of Food

Types of food eaten in Portugal include fish, meat, soups, and desserts. One very popular fish dish is called bacalhau, which is salted cod. It can be cooked in 365 different ways. Other popular fish dishes are grilled sardines, sea bass, octopus, stuffed squid, anchovies, swordfish, and shellfish.

Pork is very popular, and cooked in many ways. A specialty dish is Roast suckling pig. Another pork dish is pork marinated in wine and topped off with clams.

Seasonal vegetables, fish, and meat are used to make many soups. A popular soup is caldo verde, which has a mashed potato foundation, green Galician cabbage, olive oil and black pudding, or slices of sausage.

Many Portuguese desserts are egg based. They are normally flavored with vanilla or cinnamon. A famous dessert is arroz doce, which is a rice pudding flavored with cinnamon and lemon. Also, they have many types of cake and confectionary specialties. In the north, cakes are often very rich and sugary, whereas in the south, it is based on fig and almonds