the celebrate Torah and Shavuot


Shavuot is celebrate of Giving of the Torah.This festival is very happy and different.At this festival people came to the Temple.In this festival decorate the synagogue,becouse in this day Mount Sinai is bloomed.In Shavuot to eat dairy produce, aiso in sunagogue read to Ten Commandments.

I like Shavuot

Shauot in Israei and in our school

In Israel this festival celebrate 2 days ,and we have-one day.

Shavuot is very interesting,great,and big festival in Jewish culture.

In our school Shavuot celebrate in may-june.In synagogue read to Ten commandments,lottery,and read to the Book of Ruth.

i really like this festival.I like Shavuot.

Шавуот. Таинство Синайского откровения
Праздник Шавуот в Иерусалиме